Participant testimonials:

“UFBS is extremely useful ... Design thinking makes sense of contemporary problems tied to new technologies and forms of communications.” 

“The school doesn’t feel like a series of lectures, it’s like getting to sit in with an expert and discovering their insights.”

“The way it’s designed forces you to do more than just read the book, you really understand how to use the material.”

“A big part of the value is the shared experience and vocabulary that helps my team think about things in a new way.”

The Unfinished Business School was a start-up designed to teach adult learners design thinking tools required for innovation.

As the Director of Learning, I collaborated with 6 leading innovation experts to produce 20-minute videos, weekly curriculum, peer-to-peer collaboration and resource material to teach their respective subjects.

I led the design for the online platform and facilitated the 7-week course pilot with 35 mid-career professionals from fortune 500 companies and design companies.