AutoShare wants to attract and

retain members under 27 and

promote youth leadership.

Built in the spirit of social entrepreneurship, the #under27 project was designed to increase young membership of AutoShare and empower a team of amazing under27's to contribute to making Toronto a better place. Our goal was to better understand car sharing through the eyes of the local under 27 demographic and empower the team as emerging leaders by connecting them with established city leaders and creating a supportive community of learning. 

We recruited 17 individuals under 27 years of age to take six AutoShare trips over three months, documenting their experience in photo essays using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Over the campaign, we met five times to discuss the car sharing experience and for intimate conversations about the leadership journey with guests including; Kevin McLaughlin, Geoff Cape, Seema Jethalel, Zahra Ebrahim, Michael Hollett and Kevin McMahon

The team's verbal input and collective imagery enabled us to better understand functional, emotional and social benefits, ultimately suggesting what to keep the same about the service and what to change in response to lived experiences. In 60 days we’ve seen a 25% increase in membership under 27, counted >1M distinct social media imprints, developed new marketing strategies and services, and best of all, the team loves the work, the meetings and have found a new community in AutoShare.